Berkshire Treats Bring the Taste of the Berkshires to your Home, Family & Friends with Berkshire Treats Gift Baskets!
In July of 2014 one of the founders of Berkshire Treats was given the news that she had breast cancer.  She later found that this was most likely due to the BRCA-1 gene that she did not know that she had.  Several surgeries and chemotherapy later she found herself in need of a “special” gift to send some distant friends that really went beyond the call of duty for assisting her through the difficult treatment regimen.  She searched the Berkshire area for something unique to send and wanted to send a gift basket of Berkshire made items.  It did not exist.   This was the start of the concept that lead to Berkshire Treats.  This founder had a local friend who grew up and lives in Berkshire County with her family.  She is an excellent operational person.  She tapped her expertise and sold her on joining her to make the company a reality.

In March of 2015 Berkshire Treats was formed and the first gift basket was delivered, even prior to the website being live, on May 15th, 2015.  There are currently 12 vendors that live locally and provide some of the best products you could possibly imagine.   Berkshire Treats brings these local vendors to you in one package.  We are the perfect alternative to sending flowers, fruit or even mass produced items.  You will help local small businesses and enjoy the products that they work every day to make.  We search continuously for more businesses in the area to bring you more variety.  Please keep checking back for new gift basket offerings and enjoy the taste of the Berkshires!